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Visual Accounts

Very powerful, extremely easy to use and designed to save you time and money, Visual Accounts makes "doing the accounts" so easy you will wonder how you managed without it! With no accountancy knowledge required, Visual Accounts (VA2000) is available in two editions The Business Edition - ideal for small businesses; and The Home Edition - perfect for home use.

"Test Drive" Visual Accounts today

VA2000 (either Edition) is free to use for 45 days. Yes, that's right. You get the full and complete Visual Accounts accounting package free to use for 45 days! Download a copy now and see for yourself how Visual Accounts makes "doing the accounts" so easy.

Tear-off Ad Maker

Got stuff to sell? Got a service to advertise? How about something you want? Lost your pet? Need a cleaner / babysitter / local expert? You are a cleaner / babysitter / local expert?

Then you need Tear-off Ad Maker.

Try local advertising with these brilliantly simple Tear-off Adverts...

Newsagents, Billboards, Notice Boards, the Corner Shop, the Local Takeaway - there are literally thousands of places you can put these in your local area.

Make your ad stand out and let them take your contact details away with them! Includes Qr Codes

Avatar Sizer

There are times when you need just the right tool to do the job. Avatar Sizer is that tool. Avatar Sizer has been designed to make images smaller, quickly and extremely easily. No mess, no fuss! Creating your Avatar is done using an easy to use Wizard type interface. The Wizard guides you, step by step, through the whole process.

Download Avatar Sizer today. It's Free


Good working practice states that you should take a break at regular intervals. Take-A-Break Gadget reminds you to take that break.

Take-A-Break is extremely easy to use. Just add it to your Windows Vista Sidebar. If required, alter the settings and that's it! You can even run multiple Take-A-Break gadgets simultaneously each with their own settings.

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